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Face masks itself sounds a royal treat for the skin as they are loaded with hundreds of nutrients that pamper our skin from inside out. Face masks are considered to be spa day for girls as it is the last step of pampering after cleansing and scrubbing of the dead skin cells. Generally, I apply face masks once a week for giving an extra dose to my skin for its detoxification and moisturization. Today, I am here with the detailed review of Organique Detox Mask with whom I am bewitched these days.


Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Activated Charcoal, Aloe vera Powder, Calendula Powder, Green Tea Powder, Rosepetals Powder.

Bentonite Clay helps to eliminate toxins out from the skin. It cleanses pores and eliminates acne-causing bacteria out from the skin.
Activated Charcoal clears the skin and helps to remove dry patches. It speeds up the healing process of the skin.
Aloe Vera acts as an excellent moisturiser for the skin. It keeps the skin supple and hydrated. It is a natural antioxidant which fights against acne and pimples. It makes skin firm and acts as an anti ageing agent.
Calendula commonly known as marigold have anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties. It heals the skin and helps in removing old scars.

Rhassoul Clay is a high-quality soothing clay and has a silk–like feel and can help even out skin tone and reduce blemishes.
Rose Petals Powder fights against acne, tones the skin and soothes skin. It prevents dark circles.
Green Tea Powder gives you a radiant glowing skin and reduces pore size.


So, Organique detox mask comes in a powdered form which can be mixed with milk, water or rosewater depending upon the skin type. I used to mix rosewater and honey in my mask for some extra goodness.Then leave it on my face for next 15-20 minutes. And at last, rinse my face with normal water. After every use, I can feel my skin soft and smooth. It keeps my skin fresh and glowing. It fights against breakouts which I got during those tough days. It helps me to combat the dryness of my skin and makes by skin look plump and dewy. It comes at a pocket-friendly price of 300 INR.

So, girls what are you waiting for ???You can also order one of this goodness, which is made up of finest of natural ingredients by Organique from their Facebook Page. Or you can contact Mrs Sandhya Polepalli on 9705331908."

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