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Hello lovelies…Hope you are doing well.. Among many of the Innovative herbal and organic brands I collaborated with this year.. There is this one more brand which belongs to this league and is also close to my heart is JAS NATURALS. 

JAS NATURALS is a brand which curates natural, 100% vegan and botanical skin care range of products for its consumers. As a part of collaboration with the brand i received their PR package which had products from different ranges like BEKIND and GREEN BLISS. As always i was really excited and curious to know what the products are all about and used all these products and i really am super impressed with the brand and its quality. Let us check out what I received and what JAS NATURALS is all about.


BHRINGRAJ POWDER belongs to their BEKIND range of products. BHRINGRAJ which is also known as Eclipta Alba is an ancient ayurvedic herb which has been used all over India for centuries. BHRINGRAJ is known to have properties which benefit hair. It is also known to help remedy nearly any ailment or disease. BHRINGRAJ POWDER from BEKIND is 100% natural and is packed with properties which helps to prevent hair loss and discoloration. It also encourages hair growth and also improves the overall health of hair. With the first time use of this enriched BHRINGRAJ POWDER my hair felt super soft and smooth.This Organic BHRINGRAJ POWDER from BEKIND also doubles up as a conditioner and is also a cooling agent which gives cooling effect to scalp when applied on hair. Application of BEKIND BHRINGRAJ POWDER is super easy. You simply need to blend BHRINGRAJ POWDER with oil or water and make a paste out of it. Apply it to your scalp and rinse it after sometime. BHRINGRAJ helps in bringing dull and damaged hair back to life. It also helps giving in giving out a natural colour to your hair. This powder is packed in a sophisticated zip lock pouch which prevents air getting in and keeps it fresh for a longer time. The BHRINGRAJ POWDER will cost you Rupees 48.00 for 60 grams of a packet.


This is the next very interesting skin care product i received from JAS NATURALS. It also belongs to their BEKIND range of products. Its a Rose flower powder which is actually made from dried rose petals. Rose flower powder from BEKIND  is actually very benefiting for the skin as it has several properties like it is Antibacterial. Essential oils from rose helps treat acne and acne prone skin also it has cleansing properties which is why it makes an ideal ingredient in face washes and cleansers. Rose flower is anti-inflammatory which helps in the reduction swollen spots and redness on skin.  Natural oils present in a flower helps to lock in the moisture of skin. Natural aroma of this powder calms and soothes the mind. Moreover Rose flower petals powder also acts a natural toner which helps tighten pores and unlike conventional alcohol toners it does not let skin to dry out. The most important quality which i liked very much about this powder is that we can actually make a face pack out of this powder.  You need to mix this Rose flower powder with a base like Kasturi Turmeric Powder, Multani mitti or even a Orange Peel Powder which is easily available in the market. Make a paste with water or may be honey as you like it and apply evenly all over your face. Keep it for 30 to 45 minutes and wash it off. Pat dry your face, moisturize it well and you are good to go. You can even add this ROSE FLOWER POWDER from BEKIND to your bathing water which will help you get glowing and fresh skin. I am actually very much in love with my skin as i got a much needed glow which i was really craving for. This powder is packed in a zip lock packet which does let the powder fall or cause damage internally to it. zip lock packing keeps this powder fresh for a longer period of time. This natural and luxurious flower powder is priced at Rupees 68.00 for a packet of 60 grams. 


Another natural and organic product from JAS NATURALS is EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL from GREEN BLISS range of products. We all are very familiar with Coconut oil as we use it in our day to day routine life. Coconut oil has a vast range of benefits and is not limited to beauty or culinary usage but can be used for different activities. Extra Virgin coconut oil from GREEN BLISS can be used on skin and hair which moisturizes and conditions it. Coconut oil can also be used as a body moisturizer which makes it even toned and supple. It helps in rejuvenating dry skin and also the scalp and gives a much needed lustre and health to dry and damaged hair.  This Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has extremely light and non sticky texture and does mess like ordinary coconut oils available in the market. You can use this EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL to make your DIY hair care recipes as this one is totally free from impurities and will have a stronger effect on your skin as well as hair. The aroma carried by this coconut oil simply soothing and natural as this oil is made from quality coconuts and is extra virgin in kind.  This oil is packed in a nice plastic bottle which is very easy to use handle and use. You can get this COCONUT OIL for Rupees 145.00 for a bottle of 110 ml. 


This is something very unusual stuff i received from JAS NATURALS. Honestly i had never heard of a soap made from Mushroom and was really excited to know how it would be. And I am really surprised with actually what it is. This is a natural handmade soap. MUSHROOM SOAP is very similar to a clear transparent glycerine soap which are available in the market. But let me tell you its not a glycerine soap but a MUSHROOM SOAP. You would be surprised to know but MUSHROOMS are highly beneficial for our skin as it helps in hydrating our skin. MUSHROOM contains Hyaluronic acid which is considered as body’s internal moisturizer. It helps in plumping and firming our skin. This MUSHROOM SOAP contains extracts of MUSHROOM which helps in treating acne and keeps it at bay. Kojic acid present in MUSHROOM helps in lightening of our skin. All these properties present in this soap makes it a really exceptional solution for skincare. Use this soap twice a day on your face to keep skin fresh, glowing and healthy. Wet your face and make a generous lather with this soap, apply it on your face, wash it off and pat dry. Moisturize your face if required. Mushroom soap really turned out to be a nature’s blessing for our skin. 

I also received a small kind of a booklet from JAS NATURALS which is actually a usage guide or in other words a booklet which contains DIY recipes from which we can make a lot recipes like face masks, hair oil, hair spa, hair conditioner and a lot more. This is actually very useful and i am loving it to prepare it all by myself and use. The most important factor about these products is that they are quite travel friendly and you can even carry it to any place you travel and even make these DIYs and use it on the spot. 

You can order these natural, Organic and vegan skin care and hair care  stuff from the JAS NATURALS website and explore the natural hair care and skin care range and also try making your DIYs for youself with JAS NATURALS.

Hope you find the article helpful and enjoy using these products as well. Do share your feedback and views in the comment box given below as i always love to hear from my lovely followers. Until then see you next time as i have something really interesting coming up on my blog. As i always put it stay stylish and glam. LOVE xoxo.. "

Thanks for this wonderful review my friend. 

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